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Madlife is god – Double lift

Madlife is god – Double lift

Time and time again madlife proves he has a 6th sense (link) even doublelift tweeted that he is a god.

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Must feel awkward to be mind violated

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New counter to Godlife: Tinfoil hats.

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how is this gif so crisp and downloads super fast?

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Apart from the obligatory "aliens"-joke:

Fixed background -> relatively small size, is another perfect example for this, if you pay close attention to the background during the transition.

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Good call although that's not exactly how it works, the gif you provided doesn't make the cut. Gif is a really simple format, it just "keeps" the old pixels instead of doubling them if the rgb values for them are exactly the same as for the previous slide, thus making the file considerably smaller if most of the image (eg. the background) stays the same :)

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Ah, that makes sense. I guess that explains how the qtpie-gif looks so sharp for its size.
Thanks for the explanation!

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How have I never seen this? Thank you.

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It's from the machinima "New Girl" video promoting esports.

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Please tell me someone has already done edits where what's on his monitor is different?

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Can never unsee now.

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you make a very valid point.. I've waited 30 seconds for a shit looking gif before.

Must just be whoever made it.

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I think it has to do with the compression algorithm. Since most of the gif is static (unmoving) it can be high quality without using much data.

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Yea, I thought the hook was a skillshot until I watched Madlife play Biltz too...

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Given that much skill, it's really only a matter of doing the shot.

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After watching Madlife play Thresh I thought it was targetted. Then I played Thresh :(.

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Your uploading skills are nearly as high as his hooks :P

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The 3 kills for 1 MadLife made me chuckle.

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5 kills

You have to sacrifice the whole team to get God.

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You can't go against your God.

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And the Nexus turret as well.

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"Oh, they're melting quite fast, I'll just keep going" ~ space 2013.

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I'm going to name my first born child Madlife

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If it's a girl, she'll become a hooker.

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the BEST hooker though.

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./all WORTH

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Someone need to make his hand a Blitz hand and the beads a Thresh hook. I have no photoshop powers.

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Now make his dick a hook.

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This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. 10/10 would click link again.

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My attempt is shit, but here you go.

Edit: Oh woops I meant lower the opacity of the clock.

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Haha! I like the added features.

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I'm gonna post it here for additional providence from our Lord, Godlife.

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That pic is creepy as fuck

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It's beautiful.

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Right up there with /r/churchofpurplejesus

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So this was on /r/all and I have no idea what's going on in this video. Can someone explain? Please be gentle.

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basically, the guy playing the champion with the chain predicts his opponent's next move. there is a delay in the throwing out of the chain, so you have to predict and guess where the opponent will be about a second after you actually cast (use) the ability.

so what he did that made it impressive was that he predicted his opponent would use a SPECIFIC ABILITY to get away and also the timing WHEN his opponent would be using that ability, and also WHERE his opponent would be after using that ability, and even with the delay in the throwing out of the chain, he accurately "hooked" his opponent with the chain, letting his teammates kill the opponent. most people would probably not expect the opponent to use that ability. Or if they did, they would not accurately predict where the opponent would be after the opponent used their escape ability.

im not sure if the explanation makes sense, or if it conveys the magnitude of the play :P this is the best i could do

EDIT: added some stuff about the "where"

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I didn't even realise it was that good until I read this description.

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Spread his word.

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Hong "Madlife" Ming-gi plays for a professional gaming team

"Thresh hook" refers to a signature ability of the "champion" (a character you can play as in Leauge of Legends) named "Thresh" that "Madlife" played in this match.

The reason why the "Thresh hook" was so amazing is that "Ezreal" (another champion in this video game) possesses an ability that helps him escape and dodge abilities such as the "Thresh hook". However, "Madlife" predicted where he would use this ability and aimed for that location (usually you would just aim for the "Ezreal" at his current location)

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madlife made me realise how much i love this game

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I loved this game too, until Thresh is banned every single game...

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You do not simply watch this video once.

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I think I had to watch this video about 8 times before I could fully appreciate what had just happened.

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That's it, I am now convinced that Madlife literally has a 6th sense when it comes to hitting skill shots

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He's stated before he studies his opponents movement patterns and throws these kinda of skillshots based of their escape habits.

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i'm speechless, he really is god

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He allows the players to move into his hooks' paths. It's his way of mercy.

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It's more like his ridiculously thorough research of certain players' dodging patterns

[ - ]  safetyseal (30 points) 5 children

Is there a VoD for the flash + hook?

[ - ]  aveniner (16 points) 4 children

Which one? I think he did alot flash + hooks these 2 games.

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The insane one onto kennen game 1

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a lot

Have a great day!

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You dare to doubt in ALOT? You stupid piece of bot.

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There's one where he flashes blue wall and instantly lands a hook and I'm pretty sure it was completely blind too.

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I heard that mad life studies how players move to hit his skill shots.. is this really what it is? or does he see the future?

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It's more like future asks Madlife to look into it.

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"Please, sir. Peer into me. It gets so lonely in me. I have chosen you."

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It gets so lonely in me


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Uchiha Madlife. Sharingan hook.

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Yes, around worlds Madlife says that before he uses skillshots he imagines the hook in his head with the judgement of how the player is moving. He basically knows the play before it happens

[ - ]  Voidrive (153 points) 8 children

So the answer is he see the future.

[ - ]  AManHasSpoken (137 points) 4 children

He calculates the future.

[ - ]  I_RAPE_MAGIKARPS (151 points) 3 children

Asian as fuck

[ - ]  hyrulepirate (53 points) 2 children

I wish I can calculate my way out of Bronze.

[ - ]  AManHasSpoken (29 points) 0 children

Less tanning.

[ - ]  RiPotato (12 points) 1 children

It's pretty simple, really. Just kidnap Madlife and force him to play for you.

[ - ]  Deutschbury (18 points) 0 children

woah, dude, he just wants to get out of Bronze, not get picked up by a Korean team...

[ - ]  TheWanderingNoob (15 points) 1 children

He is The future.

[ - ]  LINK_DISTRIBUTOR (28 points) 0 children

He is the support of Space, so he is basically Time.

Mathematical botlane wins games.

[ - ]  Pidgey_OP (9 points) 0 children

Well, he predicts the future

[ - ]  RufiosBrotherKev (5 points) 0 children

That's so Madlife

[ - ]  nexus_ssg (18 points) 0 children

Isn't that basically what everybody does? Just with nowhere near the same skill.

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''I can see the ending'' -God of conquest

[ - ]  LenfaL (142 points) 11 children

He's probably a jedi

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[ - ]  Jaffstick (176 points) 6 children

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

[ - ]  Wail_Bait (20 points) 0 children
[ - ]  FoxyMayhem (40 points) 3 children

Sith are usually the ones who deal in absolutes.

Are you a sith?

[ - ]  Brolo_Swaggins (18 points) 2 children

Whoah, I never noticed that... so meta.

[ - ]  TLTheDougler (4 points) 1 children

Also "do or do not, there is no try"... Pretty fucking absolute

[ - ]  Ryrion (5 points) 0 children

No, you have a choice between do or do not.

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So all Jedi are Siths? Wow. /r/FanTheories

[ - ]  BlitzCrunk (3 points) 2 children
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Pudge's hook is bugged on old replays and even on current replays its slightly out of sync (it will sometimes appear ~30 units off and still hit).

That said, the graphics back then werent that great and the computer running it isnt running it properly, it seems like its been filtered.

[ - ]  hyrulepirate (4 points) 0 children

He deserves no title other than god.

Hail Godlife!

[ - ]  elfonzi (30 points) 2 children

Thousands of years of bene gesserit breeding programs is what got us madlife.

[ - ]  ashaik (16 points) 1 children

He is the Muad'Dib.

[ - ]  musicninja (11 points) 0 children


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I'm waiting on LoL's Leto II then.

[ - ]  Luos_ (23 points) 1 children

Yeah, I assume if you had the time/willpower to study each player you would know how they flash/evade Thresh hooks so you can next-level them. Thresh is the best at next-level hooks because his Q doesn't travel in the direction he is facing (no idea why, really frustrating).

EDIT: I guess because the windup is quite long?

[ - ]  maaxwell (15 points) 0 children

Yeah I think it's to make up for the really long windup. But still, holy shit.

[ - ]  Hereletmegooglethat (13 points) 0 children

Well I'm not sure on the whole game design concept but realistically it wouldn't have to be where he's facing. Since he's throwing something that's on a chain, so it can go whichever direction.

This is one of those comments I started to type where halfway I think of just deleting it but fuck that, sticking with it!

[ - ]  komse (17 points) 1 children

This is true. Madlife does study opponents prematch to get a feel for how they move and how to engage them.


Stop replying to my comment. I'm not going to argue about this.

[ - ]  SuperSulf (9 points) 0 children

Like watching football replays before facing the other team

[ - ]  whatevers_clever (10 points) 1 children

I don't think he had to study the player for this one.. this is just the champion itself. Him and his teammates are jumping on one ezreal. When an ezreal sees that much coming at him his initial instinct is to shift away.

so this was just calculated.. it wasn't based on him studying this 1 specific ad carry pro player.

but yes I also read that somewhere.

[ - ]  just_a_null (2 points) 0 children

Ezreal could have easily shifted another direction. It's up to the viewer to decide whether or not Madlife calculated the hook or got lucky.

With how many ridiculous hooks he lands, my opinion is that he calculated it.

[ - ]  TrollThatDude (15 points) 3 children

he stated recently i think, that we analyses how players use their escapes, like some sort of psychology or some shit. like he watches replays of 10 Ozones games, checks out when and how Imp uses his flash and 'knows' how to react to the flash.

[ - ]  [deleted] (34 points) 2 children


[ - ]  10Nov1775 (2 points) 1 children

I'm actually surprised this isn't the case more often, honestly.

[ - ]  Elmekia (2 points) 0 children

my guess in part is in honing their skills, they "get rid of" variance, which means they are more predictable than someone just trying to get out of the way on the fly (deer in headlight effect sometimes), which then makes your skillshot worthless if they didn't even move...

[ - ]  GingerWithFreckles (2 points) 0 children

He does research movement of his opponents yes. Peoples reflexes are predictable

[ - ]  Haljegh (33 points) 6 children

Ez trying to gain max distance from Thresh after seeing him appear "out of nowhere", he will almost always go in that direction, because it's the smart thing to do. No flash to go over the left wall either so no point getting closer to it.

The rest is knowing the distance and cast time of both abilities.

[ - ]  YnzL (62 points) 5 children

The rest is knowing the distance and cast time of both abilities.

You make it sound so easy

[ - ]  kchris393 (39 points) 3 children

It really isn't that hard, theoretically. In the moment though, and with such consistency, that's a different story.

[ - ]  tonytroz (26 points) 2 children

Theoretically we could all be Challenger level players if we learned every scenario that can happen in the game.

This was a play that most pro players wouldn't pull off. There's no need for these ridiculous "this really isn't that hard" comments.

[ - ]  lolsai (5 points) 0 children

there's combos in marvel that are rather easy to pull off in training mode, yet ding them in a real game is much different. you can sit there for hours and practice hooking your friend as ezreal and not be able to do it once in a real game. :] i think that's all he was trying to say.

[ - ]  HitXMan (12 points) 1 children

In truth it wasn't THAT hard to do from a skill perspective, especially considering we arent talking about soloq here, but actual pro-play from the best league in the world Korea. It was obvious ez would shift in that direction so he basically predicted the arcane shift range spot on.

However it took intelligence to do that, to anticipate it in the moment was what made it impressive, and tbh this should be how all pro players play. Most people in the pro scene cannot pull off these things.

[ - ]  PhantomSlave (11 points) 0 children

That's like saying that all pro basketball players should be on Michael Jordan's level. Some people are godlike compared to their peers.

[ - ]  QraQen (2 points) 0 children

that doesn't sound easy at all


[ - ]  dyermakn (8 points) 0 children

Well if you look at it, Ez was alone in his lane having just cleared minions then sees a support charging out of the jungle. He knows a gank is coming and also knows that he can't run any direction but back up his lane. Regardless what Ez used to get away, whether it be a skill or just running the line of the hook would have been the path Ez had to take to get away.

[ - ]  Talvi7 (7 points) 1 children

When you play hundreds of game with hookers and every single time you aim at Ezreal they Arcane shift max range to the farthest position away from you it's kinda normal to start noticing a trend.

[ - ]  insigmah (36 points) 0 children

hundreds of game with hookers

Didn't know playing LoL made you this rich or famous

[ - ]  tonytroz (4 points) 0 children

Why is he the only one that can consistently make these plays with him? Other pro level supports play Thresh tons of games. Madlife is the only one that basically requires a ban on him at this point.

[ - ]  chanceeh (63 points) 0 children

٩(๏̯͡๏)۶ Hail Lord Madlife ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶

[ - ]  Qlown (11 points) 0 children

That was beautiful.

[ - ]  EJACULATING_MUFASA (69 points) 8 children

I don't think any support EVER will match Madlife skills...

[ - ]  aethernox (37 points) 1 children

ManDu has been performing amazingly recently, his Nami play in particular might be the best in the world. SKT is 6-0 for a reason, and ManDu is definitely a contributing factor.

[ - ]  Gammaran (24 points) 0 children

ManDu is the best nami, MadLife is the best everything else

[ - ]  Ythapa (7 points) 0 children

Mata of MVP Ozone actually has been reputedly up there in the support tier to some.

[ - ]  Rowannn (12 points) 1 children

I hear madlife remembers and calculates all timers on all spells across the entire map, so someone can just ask him whether someones ult is up for example, then engage them. Its scary if true

[ - ]  HuskarDc (3 points) 0 children

I believe MonteCristo mentioned this on stream.

[ - ]  Ceui (2 points) 0 children

He does time people's ultimates and summoner spells, he also control vision very well, sometimes he even "purposefully leave some wards uncleared so that the other team don't suspect his team while in fact his team can sneak free baron or set up pick at unpredictable places. If they do have summoners then he will make play to force them to waste them. if not he will make plays to kill them then his team go to take objectives

Basically, you're fucked

[ - ]  Mifuyu_Kisaragi (15 points) 1 children

Fzzf's recent Thresh play looks amazing, but that might just be IG playing bad. I would say he is one of if not the best sup in China though.

[ - ]  joeyma1996 (13 points) 0 children

also Fzzf on blitzcrank stole baron agaisnt KT B

[ - ]  tomius (20 points) 0 children

Well, Krepo has some SERIOUS social skills.

[ - ]  bloodflart (9 points) 5 children

did he miss a single hook that game?

[ - ]  afkbot (18 points) 4 children

he missed like 2 at the end

[ - ]  bloodflart (109 points) 2 children

that's like when you are using wall hacks and you miss on purpose so people don't think you're cheating all the time

[ - ]  murwinq (25 points) 1 children

something something Nestea losing on purpose something.

[ - ]  Gammaran (2 points) 0 children

the good old days

[ - ]  CODDE117 (5 points) 0 children

Mercy from our lord.

[ - ]  UziNidalee (17 points) 0 children

TIL MiG stands for "MadLife is God".

[ - ]  VoodooChild54-46 (17 points) 3 children

When they know they're going up against mad life why don't they ban thresh? Sorry I don't follow OGN that much but I've seen so many madlife thresh plays

[ - ]  iiRandeh (11 points) 2 children

According to an article on cloth5, if you are playing on purple side, the top three bans are usually TF, Jayce, and Elise. There is deviation from that, but maybe they targeted someone else with bans.

[ - ]  ryani (2 points) 1 children

I don't totally understand that logic, unless (for example) TF is sooo much better than Jayce, and Jayce is a ton better than Elise, and Elise is a ton better than any other champion in the game.

Otherwise why not leave them all available, give enemy team TF, then you get jayce+elise and you end up with more total champion power.

[ - ]  Valitrix (10 points) 0 children

Every Korean mid has TF as a staple champion, and he fits into almost every single comp and gives nothing away about the strategy you will use. Teams will often first pick him disregarding counters and other ways to shut him down (most recently DFG Ahri is known to shit on TF)

Jayce is less prevalent but still is a strong first pick for the reasons listed above, and he provides so much utility that teams will pick him no matter what.

Elise is stated to be the strongest champion in the current patch, and without a doubt that is true. Teams can first pick her without even considering comps or where she will go.

Thus, purple bans these three champs in order to make sure the enemy team can't first pick them.

[ - ]  Egon_ (54 points) 0 children
[ - ]  [deleted] (19 points) 2 children


[ - ]  nexus_ssg (17 points) 1 children

And that's why Asia dominates every eSport going. Not sure if it's their mindset, training routines, their culture or something genetic, but damn can they rock computer games.

[ - ]  liljedahls (30 points) 0 children

Except FPS.

[ - ]  frogfart (8 points) 2 children

Could someone explain why that was so amazing to a non-league of legends player? I'm lost.

[ - ]  Absurd_Muffin (3 points) 1 children

Thresh(madlife) is the one that tosses the chain from the brush his ability "Death Sentence" can be thrown in a straight line. The one who died Ezreal has a ability where he can teleport from one place to another in a blink of an eye. The Thresh(madlife) player foresaw where the Ezreal was going to jump to and tossed his death sentence ability accordingly. Another thing to add is that Death Sentence is a skill shot where you actually have to aim the ability and it doesn't follow the enemy so if you miss you miss.

[ - ]  ask_away_utk (3 points) 0 children

It also has a noticeable cast time so he cast it before ezreal blinked.

[ - ]  tomqt (15 points) 0 children

I literally screamed WHAT when I saw that live

[ - ]  noisedollKAKU (85 points) 5 children

This is a perfect example of the 'option select' concept that is familiar in fighting games (where you cover every option such that you will always receive the favourable outcome). By hooking in that direction, Madlife covered the final path that Ezreal could have taken to attempt an escape.

  • Option 1: Do nothing/juke - Elise rappels, cocooned
  • Option 2: Shift away (up OR up/right) - Covered by hook
  • Option 3: Shift away (up/left) - Covered by Yorick
  • Option 4: Shift towards the bottom of the map - Covered by team positioning (Thresh flay)

The positioning by each team member was really perfect.

[ - ]  adremeaux (48 points) 3 children

That really has nothing in common with an option select. That's like saying, if you do a jumpkick..:

  • Option 1: Opponent is attacking, your kick connects

  • Option 2: Opponent jumps as well, gets hit by jumpkick

  • Option 3: Opponent tries to anti-air and fails.

An option select is when you input a single button combination and get different outcomes depending on the situation:

  • Option 1: Opponent is not close to you: a kick will come out

  • Option 2: Opponent ends up right in front of you: a throw will come out.

[ - ]  DJBunBun (38 points) 0 children

This is correct. The term 'option select' refers to covering multiple situations with one input.

The other one is just covering options lol.

[ - ]  PacDan (3 points) 1 children

I think he just used the wrong term, hie post reminded me of competitive Smash Bros. when you cover someone's possible recoveries when ledge guarding. The casters refer to this as taking away options or something to that extent.

[ - ]  adremeaux (3 points) 0 children

Right: that's not an option select. Those are just options.

[ - ]  [deleted] (10 points) 0 children


[ - ]  CozenOne (8 points) 0 children

You are really over-complicating the fact that ezreal was pretty fucked. And you got option select incorrect.

[ - ]  TheHippySteve (3 points) 0 children

Need flash hook from Game1 now

[ - ]  Karalius (3 points) 0 children

Ok most of these are a bit over-rated, but this was just holy fucking shit.

[ - ]  Hiro45 (4 points) 0 children

NA does not even stand a chance at worlds

[ - ]  Nuracore (20 points) 0 children

Hes so good. I dont give a shit, he IS the best player of all leage players. he is so good.

[ - ]  doboyeee (3 points) 3 children

You got this clip so freaking fast...

[ - ]  catje (5 points) 2 children

I could be faster :p, i was getting drinks when i came back and checked twitch chat i noticed godlife did an amazing hook :D

[ - ]  M002 (3 points) 1 children

I'm going to assume CJ Frosh 2-0's MiG blitz? Was hoping for an upset just because I like a good story, but then again, OGN wouldn't be the same without Frost eventually meeting Blaze in the playoffs.

[ - ]  Atreiyu (2 points) 0 children

Yes, they did, but although they both turned into stomps, it was more a few bad teamfights that snowballed it, MiG is actually quite good (better than the IM squads/Xenics at least)

[ - ]  MattinatorHax (3 points) 0 children

Nice hook, but this was not the hook I was expecting from those Frost games. The one where he flashed the wall and hit a max range hook onto Apple's Kennen in Game 1 was the hook of the night.

[ - ]  Caamdaddy (3 points) 0 children

Elise hit her stun also, they both would've got him killed either way :) Great plays.

[ - ]  Highlyasian (7 points) 0 children

Madlife can see Ezreal's Arcane Shift before he uses it, but can he see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

[ - ]  Yofiss (9 points) 0 children

I could play for a hundred years and still never be that good.

[ - ]  OctopusPirate (3 points) 0 children

Reminds me of those sick Pudge Hook compilations, predicting exactly how far AM was going to blink, in which direction, and just nailing it.

[ - ]  CazadorFromFallout (2 points) 0 children

That was pretty quick, amazing hook.

[ - ]  BananaMan2097 (2 points) 0 children

Madlife is god

[ - ]  kaneggyy (2 points) 0 children

anyone got the video in game1 that madlife flash hooked kennen in the blue side blue? i think that one is amazing too/

[ - ]  [deleted] (2 points) 0 children

Wish this video worked for me. Can load any other youtube video except this one for some reason.

[ - ]  [deleted] (2 points) 0 children

this is why korea will always be best. real pros.

[ - ]  MoWards (2 points) 0 children

its not that what i would say if i was retarded.

[ - ]  Vlaed (2 points) 0 children

I was wondering why ever Korean on the Korean server has been saying, "First pick or ban Tresh." Then picking them and completely sucking. You won't see a champion in 50+ games, OGN plays him/her and they are in every game.

[ - ]  Rabinu (16 points) 2 children

this was an amazing shot, but you guys really freak out because he's able to land a hook on ez blinking... he know that ez had no other choice then to blink away if he wanted to survive, he just hooked were he would land that's called experiance and patience to not blow everything right away. It should be a common thing in lcs player. Must say that xspecial does some really awesome flay, but that's pretty much it. Dota player been doing that kind of hook whit pudge since years.

[ - ]  Aimedz (4 points) 0 children

It seems you have been downvoted, but I know what you mean. Hexor forever<3

[ - ]  thorizzle117 (2 points) 0 children

yeah #pudgelife .. this shit is impressive but it's something you develop if you play pudge enough

[ - ]  lazyogenisu (3 points) 0 children

madlife realizes ezreal's E range, and using that to predict where to hook. A god indeed.

[ - ]  Brassard08 (4 points) 0 children

MadLife hook over the wall:

[ - ]  Mistfire (3 points) 0 children

Man, I didn't know Death Sentence was changed to be a targeted ability... when did they change that?

[ - ]  Glenn1990 (3 points) 2 children

browsing r/all and came across this. As a very casual one time LoL player, can someone explain why this is so good? Looks like the red guy got ambushed by three blue players and killed. Seems rather unimpressive.

[ - ]  Wardcity (7 points) 0 children

The player they ganked has a teleport, and he correctly predicted exactly where the player would teleport to and then landed the hook on him perfectly.

[ - ]  areyoumypepep (5 points) 0 children

Basically because he predicted where the player was going to flash to and then he landed the hook at the exact moment the player landed Edit: a word

[ - ]  MuseAZN (6 points) 0 children

I guess you could say Madlife wrote WonSeoK's


( •_•)>⌐■-■


Death sentence.

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